Why do men develop diabetes in their early 30s

Diabetes is one of the most trending disorders around the world and across the ages. Diabetes or diabetes mellitus, the full name earlier used to affect only men above the age of 40 or even 50s. This is the reason diabetes the given the tag of old age disorder. But the rapid urbanisation, globalisation and modernization of our lives resulted in a flood of disorders due to unhealthy lifestyles that could offer less good and worse.

Diabetes is one such disorder that is non-terminating or known as chronic in medical terms. This means that you cannot cure diabetes fully by any medication, surgery or any methods available. One can only limit the symptoms of diabetes to the extent that it does not affects your daily life activities.

There is nothing very bad or negative about being a diabetic patient because many diabetes patients are doing very well in life and are in great positions in society. So, the medications really work in suppressing its symptoms. But diabetes is also different from other disorders in that it attracts other disorders as well. A person suffering from diabetes is mostly never only suffering from diabetes but also suffers from complementary diseases like obesity, joint pain, poor eyesight, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) etc. This is the reason diabetic men are seen searching for Cenforce 100mg and Vidalista40for better intimate life while at the same time suffering from diabetes.

And this trouble if faced in the early 30s is even more troublesome because it is the age when you are high on energy wanting to reach heights in your career. Diabetes acts like anobstruction that must be kept under control. This article presents before the readers a discussion on why men develop diabetes in their early 30s.

Poor choice of food

The reasons for diabetes are not exactly the same for everybody. For many people, it is eating too much sugar, whereas some people become diabetes patients due to hereditary. But one of the most common reasons for getting high sugar levels in the blood is the consumption of unhealthy food items. Unhealthy here mean foods that are rich in cholesterol and artificial sugar. Natural sugar which we get from fruits, and vegetables are not dangerous. But once you become a diabetic patient the doctor will prohibit eating any type of sweet dish.

In the early 30s usually, it is the time when hormones are high, it is almost 5 to 6 years at work or even less. Hence, the enthusiasm is very high. You work for 10 to 12 hours daily, during overtime even 16 to 18 hours. So, when you work under such huge pressure you don’t even have time to eat healthy food. You eat what you can get easily in that time. This gives rise to the need for fast food items. These items are rich in bad cholesterolcarbs that may affect the secretion of insulin from the pancreas.

Too much stress

Apart from unhealthy choices of food, your mental condition is also related to your chances of becoming a diabetic patient. This is why also take care of your mental health just as you take care of physical stress. This is unknown to most men this is the reason when they are diagnosed with diabetes, they complain that they eat healthy then why diabetes. They fail to figure out that stress is also one of the reasons for making you diabetic.

And in the early 30s stress is a very common thing. Not only in the early 30s but in a phase of life, stress is inevitable. Everyone has some other stress in his life due to personal, professional or health reasons.And in the early 30s, you are new to work, so the work pressure will obviously be very high. And it is also the age when men get involved in relationships and marriages. Relationships bring pleasure with them but also stress. If the relationship doesn’t work out then it adds a lot of stress. It has been found that stressed situations dip the dopamine levels to very low which may affect the secretion of insulin.

Family of diabetic people

Another reason why you must be taking medication to keep sugar levels in your blood under control is due to your own family. Yes, you heard it right. Sometimes in your bloodline,if it had been a diabetic patient then you are vulnerable to developing diabetes. Now, when you will show the symptoms of diabetes that is not sure. Sometimes the symptoms appear after the 40s/50s and many times it happens in the early 30s. So, this could also be one of the reasons for diabetes. Such diabetes cannot be prevented as it is due to genes so, don’t stress much about its prevention. Go to Powpills and order the drugs prescribed by the doctor.

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