What to Know About Smart Washers and Dryers

Some invest in smart home technology for security and convenience but often overlook its benefit for the laundry room. Most splurge on smart kitchen appliances or TV, yet they have not thought that they can have smart washers and dryers. 

If you are planning on building a laundry room at home, consider having a smart dryer and washer on your home improvement list. Smart washers and dryers deliver a laundry load that is gentle, clean, and green like the ones from your favorite laundry service provider.

Here are what you have to know about smart washers and dryers before purchasing them.


Most modern laundry machines these days are eco-friendly. It does not consume much power and energy, unlike the traditional ones. If you want to minimize your ecological footprint, switching to a smart washer and dryer is a perfect choice. 

Controllable with voice commands 

A more advanced washer and dryer have voice-activated technology. You can control your washer and dryer through a simple voice command. This is a great feature of smart appliances because you can keep up with your laundry even when you are doing other things. 

Unlock special cycles

Some clothes are delicate to wash and you find trouble choosing the right option. Some washers and dryers have a downloadable cycle option for delicate clothes on their application. It is astonishing to unlock the right laundry cycles for your delicate clothes.


Moreover, some dryers can pick the settings for your clothes, this mostly happens to your frequently washed items. The machine easily transmits the cycle setting you frequently used.

Customize Cycle

What makes a smart appliance amazing is you can control them remotely through an app. You can manage the cycle and even customize the cycle times. It helps you plan your laundry around the most suitable time for your schedule. 


Moreover, it helps you receive notifications on your phone when a load cycle is finished, or if the appliance needs troubleshooting or maintenance. 

Advanced Wrinkle Care

When your wet clothes are not dried immediately, it gets wrinkled. It is best to throw them inside the dryer and start the drying process with advanced wrinkle care. Some dryers tumble loads with steam to prevent the clothes from developing wrinkles. If you have a busy household, you can leave your dryer to do the job and complete other tasks. 

Available in all shapes and sizes

You can find a smart washer or dryer that fits your needs and is within your means. As you take into consideration the shapes and sizes of the laundry equipment, you do not have to worry as there are front-loaders, top-loaders, and compact, or stackable machines on the market.


You have to take the time to choose a smart washer and dryer that fits your needs and budget. If the budget is still in question, do not pressure yourself and make use of laundry delivery service in the meantime. You do not have to rush in building a laundry room at home. 

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