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What are the benefits of dab straws and useful tips for beginners?

You can consume cannabis either as extracts or concentrates. Experienced users looking for potent hits usually prefer the latter. From the moment you take the first hit, a sense of well-being envelops you, releasing you from stress and anxiety.

While some people use dab rigs to smoke wax, most prefer using dab straws for the various benefits they offer.  Also known as nectar collectors, they come in small sizes, making them portable and easy to carry everywhere.

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Since concentrates contain the highest quantities of cannabinoids and terpenes, they offer the best hits when inhaled as vapor with dabs. If you are used to smoking from dab rigs, try this for a change, the results will surprise you.

But what are the advantages of using this small device, and what other things should you know about it? Continue reading to find out.

What do dab straws look like?

They bear a slight resemblance to a glass tube with an elongated pipe in one hand. You will find these in various colors and designs and usually measure three to nine inches long.

Unlike dab rigs, they cannot stand by themselves because rigs have broad bases that enable them to stand without external support. However, these are free-holding items that you must hold in your hands while using them.

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Materials of straws

You can find these hand-held tools made of glass, metal, and silicone. Manufacturers use a special kind of glass called borosilicate to make them, as it can withstand high temperatures without cracking or incurring any damage.

The tip is usually made from quartz glass or metal, which is highly heat-resistant and heat-absorbing. Although the materials might differ, they work the same way.

How do you use them?

It’s a reasonably straightforward process. You heat the tip to a specific temperature using a high-quality torch. Experts recommend using a butane torch because it reaches extreme temperatures quickly and does not affect the taste of the concentrate.

Once the tip is hot, allow it to cool for 15 to 20 seconds. Then, place some wax on a dish and touch it with the end while inhaling simultaneously (your straw should be in contact with the shatter).

Why should you buy them?

Besides portability and best results, you can take dab straws everywhere without attracting anybody’s attention, even in your traveling bag if you’re vacationing. Also, cleaning them takes only a few minutes because of their size.

Useful tips for beginners

It’s better to cautiously proceed if you’re using straws for the first time. You might initially seek an experienced user’s help until you get used to it. The main reason behind this is the high temperature it can attain.

You should be aware of the temperatures at which you use the tool. Unlike dab rigs which contain water, these are dry. The smoke is usually hot when it enters your mouth because it does not have time to cool off, and the distance between the dab tool and mouthpiece is short. Although you may take some time to adjust to the rips at first, you will enjoy them once you do.

Dab straws are fun to use, offer the benefit of portability, and are easy to clean. They provide the full flavor of the concentrate without affecting its taste.


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