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Tips for Small Businesses to Pack Their Products Securely

The most challenging thing for manufacturers is to win the trust of their customers. This requires having quality products, offering the best value, and reaching the target audience in the markets. However, there is one more thing that can make or break the retail business –packaging.

Packaging sometimes can be the only difference between a good and the best product. When ignored, insufficient packaging can hurt a business in a number of ways.

That’s why small businesses should empathize in packing their products securely. This can easily be done by following the standard packaging process and using the strap machine. With strapping, you’ll have perfectly sealed packaging that can remain intact for a long time.

In case you are unaware of the packaging process, the below tips are for you. We have rounded up the best tips that can help you pack your products securely. Look at this site fasttitleloans for loans.

Consider the Type of Packaging

The first thing that you need to consider is the type of packaging. There are several options available on the market but you should keep in mind your product. Ultimately, your product type will define the type of packaging that you should select.

Below are some most common packaging types that manufacturers prefer to use.

Chipboard Packaging

This type of packaging is suitable for beverage, cosmetic, and electronic industries. However, businesses involved in the food and medical industries are also using chipboard boxes

These are inexpensive packaging boxes that are flexible which makes them easy to fold and cut. They are available in various shapes, sizes, and densities in the market. We recommend you choose one that fits the needs of your product.

Corrugated Boxes

This is another type of packaging which is made of paper. These boxes are strong, durable, and can handle moderate weights. The best part is that corrugated boxes can also provide cushioning for your products.

If you are shipping products to a far destination, corrugated boxes are the right choice. They are easy to assemble and are available in various sizes.

Paperboard Boxes

These are paper-based packaging boxes that you can easily get in your desired shape and size. The material is easy to manipulate and can be converted into custom shapes according to the requirements.

Despite being lightweight, paperboard boxes are strong and can be utilized in personalized packaging.

They have different grades and can offer you the desired strength for your products.

These types of boxes are made by turning fibrous materials and then bleaching them. The fibrous material is collected from wood but sometimes the pulp is made by using recycled waste paper.

Cleated Plywood Boxes

This is the type of packaging which is commonly used in cross-border shipping. Cleated plywood is a lightweight yet sturdy material that can offer solid support. That’s why cleated plywood boxes are preferred to pack large shipments and are used for air freight shipping.

Plastic Boxes

This is another type of packaging that manufacturers are currently using. Contrary to common belief, plastic boxes have several advantages over other packaging materials. For example, Plastic boxes offer more durability than paperboard and can be recycled easily.

You can preserve the material from contamination and preserve the food quality by using packaging containers. Moreover, these can store and preserve food under extreme conditions and don’t break easily.

One of many reasons why manufacturers prefer using plastic boxes is because of their transparent ability. You can display the product to consumers from any angle without opening the packaging box.

Moreover, plastic can also be used as coating or film to improve the appearance of the packaging. This is where the flexibility of plastic comes in handy and offers water protection as well.

In addition to these, foils, casks, and kegs packaging are also used for shipment.

Don’t Compromise Over Security

When it comes to packaging, the thing that affects the choice is cost. Every manufacturer wants to keep the cost of packaging and shipment as low as possible. This seems reasonable but by going cheap, you can compromise the security of your products.

Good packaging not only provides security but also offers added value. Today’s customers are now more concerned about the unboxing experience. They want to have free shipping but don’t want to get the products in cheap packaging.

We recommend you should not get lower-quality packaging material. Even if it is cheap, it may cost you dearly in terms of customers’ loyalty.

Choose the Best Shipment Packaging

We have discussed different types of packaging material that you can get. But there are some other crucial factors that you must keep in mind during shipment packaging. Below are some key factors that you must not overlook while packing your products.

Product Type

The very first thing that will affect your decision is the type of product you are shipping.

For example, if you are sending food items, you’ll need lightweight yet airtight packaging. On the other hand, you’ll need sturdy and reliable material to pack breakable products.

Size of Package

The size of your packaging box plays a major role in product security. An oversized box will have empty space which means the product will bounce around. This can cause severe damage or deform the product packed inside.

Similarly, an undersized package will have less space, resulting in product damage. Therefore, you must pick the right size of the package to pack your product.

Product weight

The weight of a product plays an important role in choosing the right packaging. Using a lightweight box to pack heavy items may result in product damage. For such product items, you should use strong corrugated boxes.

On the other hand, you’ll only be wasting cash by getting strong boxes for lightweight products. So, we recommend you pay attention to your product weight before choosing a box or material to pack it.

Wrap Your Products

Wrapping is an important part of the packaging that keeps your product safe and secure. That’s why we recommend manufacturers should have a strapping machine for this purpose.

You should also use bubble wrap to pack fragile products like glassware. Shake them a little to know whether they are rattling. You can also secure the products by wrapping them using a strapping machine.

Once you are done packing the product, it’s time to pad the boxes. Padding will provide an extra layer of protection and ensure that your products don’t break when they are mistakenly dropped.

Final Note

We hope you are now aware of what you have to consider before packing your products. Choosing the right packaging material and the box size is crucial for product safety. Use a wrapping machine to secure the box with tape and you are ready to ship.

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