Adding a beautiful timepiece to your indoor garden can really add a unique touch. You can purchase a Cuckoo clock with garden themes, or choose from a range of more traditional models. Many of these timepieces have an auto-dimming function and can even be mounted on a wall, which is a great option if your indoor garden is flooded with sunlight. Here are a few options:

Pico Max

The Pico Max time clock for indoor gardens is a newer version of the Pico, a rechargeable battery powered device that can be installed on any flat surface. The Pico Max uses a button cell as its Real Time Clock and can last up to 4 days between charges. Its auto 0 dimming feature prevents leaves from burning. It can also be used for growing fruits, flowers, and vegetables.

This indoor garden system has a built-in timer and real-time clock that automatically optimizes your schedule according to your local time zone. When the plant grows too fast, the Pico Max will dim itself. Unlike the Pico Mini, the Pico Max is three times larger, allowing you to grow more plants in one unit. You can even adjust the timer and use a real-time clock to ensure you don’t overwater.


If you want a clock that will be a focal point of your indoor or outdoor garden, then a Padstow time-piece is the perfect choice. These wall clocks are made of weather-resistant metal and feature bold, Roman numerals around the clock face. They are also weather-resistant and come with a 2 year manufactures guarantee. Whether you need a clock to tell time indoors or outdoors, a Padstow garden timepiece is a great choice.

This chunky clock is made from durable plastic and finished in a contemporary galvanized silver finish. While not completely weatherproof, it’s still suitable for outdoor gardens, conservatories, and sheds. It comes with a clear dial face, a thermometer gauge above, and a stylish shelf. It can be mounted on a wall or fence, and comes with screws and raw plugs for easy installation. It even comes with a free AA battery!


When it comes to outdoor and indoor garden accessories, Bulova has a vast collection to choose from. Their main product lines are men’s stainless steel watches, pendulum clocks, and outdoor timepieces. While this is a broad company with products to suit every taste and need, a few of their products may be worth considering. You can find out how many of their products are sold each year, or read reviews left by previous buyers to determine whether or not their products are worth the price tag.


You can also purchase a clock to hang on the wall of your indoor or outdoor space. Many models are available in miniature sizes that fit neatly above your fireplace. Each is made of the finest materials and is finished to last. Some models feature a pendulum or a music box, making them an excellent decorative addition to any space. Bulova also offers different models with different melodies to choose from. So, regardless of the setting of your indoor or outdoor garden, there is a Bulova time clock for you.

PicoMax has auto dimming function

The Pico Max is an indoor gardener’s dream. This product is a three-fold increase in size over the original Pico, with an auto-dimming function to keep the plant lights in perfect focus. It’s also equipped with a new, inbuilt spout and bigger reservoir for consistent watering. It also requires just a few top-ups every ten days. Despite the name, this product looks like a compost bin or a retro speaker from the nineties. The Pico Max is made from fiber plastic and comes in three color choices.


The PicoMax has multiple mounting options, allowing you to set the exact level of illumination that you want for your indoor garden. With its auto-dimming feature, the PicoMax is a perfect tool for beginners, too. Its easy-to-use design makes it ideal for confined spaces. You can even stick the device to a magnetic surface, so it won’t fall off. This is the perfect device for growing your favorite plants!

Padstow clock has a galvanized metal finish

This weather-resistant Padstow clock comes with a glass face and features traditional clockwork dials in a stylish galvanized metal finish. Its green resin and simple brass hands complement its galvanized metal finish. It is a wonderful way to add a traditional touch to an indoor garden or indoor terrace. The perfect way to complement a nautical theme in your home or office, this clock will be an ideal addition to your decor.

This sturdy weather-resistant clock has a stylish galvanized metal finish and is suitable for outdoor and indoor gardens. Its analogue dial is surrounded by a striking metal frame that simulates slate. The weather-resistant design is enhanced by its quartz movement to ensure long-term accuracy. It also includes a glass front and screws to mount it on a wall or fence.

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