The art of haircuts

For ages, human beings have donned various styles and haircuts to stand out from the crowd, as a display of their social and political affiliations, and as a sign of solidarity towards their companions. Besides haircuts, tattoos, rings, body inking, specialized cosmetics, etc. all play a role in distinguishing one member of society from the other. Here, we will look into the uses of a head shaver and various significant haircuts that have been performed by men over the ages, and also take a glance at some of the characteristics. 

  • Fade haircut- A faded haircut involves trimming the sides and back in such a manner that they get shorter from top to bottom. A typical fade can be achieved with a trimmer or a headshaver. There are multiple varieties of fades that are available, with a bald fade being the most extreme example where the hair at the sides and backs is trimmed down to such a low level that they become at par with the scalp.
  • Taper fade- Commonly referred to as the taper, this hairstyle has not diminished in popularity but quite the opposite. This involves leaving off a small stubble below the top. A trimmer is usually enough to accomplish this look. 
  • Mid fade- This is a rather bold hairstyle choice for men which involves blending a rather shallow trim with longer hair on top. It is suitable for anyone who is taking their nascent steps into the realm of trendy hairstyles. Such a look can be executed by any decent barber with the help of a razor, trimmer, etc. 
  • Undercut- This is one of the most common hairstyles preferred by modern men. This involves trimming or shaving off the sides and back. A wide range of allied haircuts can be created from a well-executed undercut, so one can keep the look dynamic. Styles like side sweep, quiff, etc. can be created from an undercut. 
  • Pompadour- This involves featuring long hair at the front and short at the back and sides. A classy pompadour can be used to show off good hair volume. It is suitable for guys who have voluminous, wavy hair. This hairstyle is best executed with the help of associated hair products like putty, wax, gel, etc. 
  • The comb over- This hairstyle is known for allowing a sophisticated but cool look. While grooming, it is advisable to comb the hair from one side to the other, thus creating a swept volume of hair. This hairstyle is popular with people who are looking for a short to a medium hairstyle. 
  • Military haircut- Apart from being a standard-issue haircut from the defence saloons, these are very popular with guys looking for a short hairstyle. A military haircut is characterized by having an almost faded appearance at the sides and back and relatively short hair at the top. A pretty masculine and strong haircut overall, this can be achieved with a headshaver, trimmers, razors, etc.
  • Buzz cut- Who doesn’t like eleven’s buzz cut in the stranger things, well, everyone I suppose. This hairstyle is what comes when you do not bald all the way through and decide to leave off a fade. This hairstyle is extremely low maintenance and saves a lot of time as well. Buzz cuts can be achieved with a specialized electric shaver for bald head, trimmers, razors, etc. 
  • Bald top- The next step that one can explore after a buzz cut is balding. This encompasses shaving off each and every bit of hair on one’s head and gaining that shiny bald top. This form of hairstyle is extremely powerful while being the most low-maintenance one. This can be even done at home with the help of a dedicated electric shaver for bald head or a head shaver for men.
  • Ivy league- This form of haircut is a classic one and is styled with a side part. This is longer than a typical crew cut but comparatively shorter than the other lengths. This form of hair requires regular maintenance to prevent overgrowth. 
  • Crew cut- This cut features a uniform cut all over and keeps the hair fairly short. This haircut is quite in the vogue nowadays and popular among youngsters. To maintain this form of a haircut, periodic visits to the barber are necessary to prevent it from overgrowing. 
  • Mohawk- A pretty extreme hairstyle for most, this features a long, centrally placed strip of hair running from the front to the back in a straight line whereas the sides are trimmed or shaved off. Like balding, a specialized electric shaver for bald head will do the trick on the sides whereas a pair of scissors will be adequate to style up the top. Many people prefer coloring the top in extravagant shades like pink, red, green, etc. The mohawk originated from the punk rock scene and has soldiered on. Maintaining one can be a chore though. 

Final take

Here, we have discussed some of the most influential and common hairstyles that we find all over the world. There are thousands of recorded hairstyles in the world, if not millions, and it defines each person’s tastes and preferences to a certain extent. We suggest that you check with your barber which style would suit you the best before getting a trim done

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