The 6 Best 17-Inch and Larger Laptops of 2022

Although bigger isn’t always the best when it comes to your computer’s screen, you will notice a significant difference in the spacious screens of larger 17-inch laptops. You will enjoy your favorite shows and movies more clearly with a larger display. This is particularly important if you work with graphics or media.

A plus is the fact that larger laptops often have higher specs. If you don’t want to reduce your laptop’s specs, you can add more hardware. This includes faster processors, more powerful graphics, and larger hard drives. These larger machines are great for graphic design and gaming.

Despite the extra screen real estate and hardware, these laptops are still small enough to be taken on the move. We have tested and researched the top 17-inch laptops.

Best Overall: Dell XPS17


What We Like

  • Despite its small size, the screen is large and stunning.
  • Performance and graphics with high-end features
  • Amazing sound quality

What we don’t like

  • Prices high

  • There are no USB-A or Ethernet ports

The 2020 Dell XPS 17 is everything you would expect from a large-screen laptop. Its stunning 17-inch screen is available in a resolution of 3840×2400 pixels, which is slightly larger than 4K resolution. This makes it ideal for multitasking or watching movies. The screen is surrounded by barely-there bezels that are just large enough to accommodate a camera at its top. The XPS 17 is roughly the same size as a 15-inch laptop, if not smaller. The XPS 17’s base configuration measures 0.77×14.74×9.76 inches and weighs 4.65 pounds. It is heavy when you add additional features but it is light enough to carry around.

The XPS 17’s keyboard is backlit and feels comfortable enough to use for a full day. The trackpad is large and responsive. The keyboard doesn’t have a number pad. Instead, there are speakers to either side that produce powerful sound from two 1.5-watt tweeters or two 2.5-watt subwoofers. There are four USB-C ports on the sides and one SD card slot. However, there is no HDMI, Ethernet or full-size USB A ports. The adapter is included by Dell.

The XPS 17 can be specced with an Intel Core i9-1085H processor, 64GB RAM and a 2TB Solid State Drive. It can handle almost any task, even multimedia. Although it’s not intended to be a gaming laptop, the XPS 17 still has solid framerates thanks to its Nvidia GeForce RTX2060 Max-Q. You get a true powerhouse inside and out, if you are okay with the high price.

Screen resolution: 3840×2400

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Best Display: Gigabyte Aero 17


View on YouTube View On What We Like

  • Amazing 4K HDR display

  • Media performance in a flash

  • Battery life is long

What we don’t like

  • A little heavy

You don’t want to go with a large screen on your laptop. The 17.3-inch display of the Gigabyte Aero is stunning in terms of detail and clarity, particularly if you choose the HDR model. The machine’s brightness and large color range meet the VeSA DisplayHDR 400 standards, which will be appreciated by graphic designers on the go and content creators.

The Aero 17 excels when put to use, with smooth multimedia performance thanks to its 10th-generation Intel Core i9 processor and a Nvidia GeForce RTX2080 Super Max-Q graphics cards. This is a great choice for creative professionals, but it can also be used by most gamers.

Practically, it can be difficult to watch high-resolution content in the real world if your battery runs out. However, unlike other 4K laptops the Aero 17’s 4K video output lasts nearly seven hours. You can connect many inputs and accessories via a variety of ports. RGB backlighting allows you to map custom colors and effects on individual keys. This is a great way to add aesthetic flair or eye candy.

Screen resolution: 3840×2160

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LG Gram 17 is the best lightweight



View on YouTube What We Like

  • Amazingly light for its size
  • Bright, large screen
  • Amazing battery life

What we don’t like

  • No discrete graphics card
  • The pricey side

LG Gram 17 Review

Although 17-inch laptops aren’t usually considered small and light, the LG Gram 17 is.

Its beautiful 2560×1600-pixel LCD display has a footprint comparable to a 15-inch laptop. At 2.98 pounds, it is also lighter than most ultraportables of the same size. The LG Gram 17’s 17-hour battery life makes it easy to transport a vivid and sharp display that can be used for both watching movies and working. It’s also thick enough to allow for multiple inputs including a USB port, three USB A ports, and an HDMI output.

To keep the LG Gram 17 light and less capable for heavy graphics work and gaming, a discrete graphic card is not included. The 1.3GHz 10th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM and generous 1TB storage in the 2020 model will not slow down productivity performance.

The LG Gram 17 has been updated with a new touchpad and backlit keyboard.

Screen resolution: 2560 x 1600

The LG Gram 17’s light weight is the first thing that you’ll notice immediately after taking it out of the box. The LG Gram 17 weighs less than three pounds and is easy to carry around with one hand. The LG Gram 17’s slim frame allows for a lot of connectivity and a good selection of ports. The LG Gram 17 is more suited for work than gaming, which makes it a great laptop for productivity. Its large, tall screen is ideal for getting things done. You can easily run several applications at once and still have lots of space. The keyboard is full-sized and has a number pad, as well as slightly mushy keys. The display offers the perfect ratio of size to resolution. — Jonno Hill, Product Tester

Lifewire / Jonno Hills

Best Value: HP Envy 17t


Courtesy B&H

The HP Envy 17t laptop is simple and well-built. It doesn’t make any compromises in terms of its specifications. Although it is almost $1,000 less than Apple’s MacBook Pro model, the HP Envy 17t is a viable alternative. This 17-inch laptop is a great replacement for a desktop. It has a 1.5-hour battery life so it may not be the best travel PC. It comes with a 1.6GHz Intel Core i7 720QM processor, 16GB memory, and a 1TB hard disk. This is a good deal at this price.

The HP Envy 17t is a little heavier than a MacBook, at 6.75 pounds. It is housed in an aluminum and magnesium chassis with a beautiful backlit keyboard and large touchpad. The 1080p display is the most impressive, and it looks amazing under edge-to-edge glasses. Although it is bright enough, our tests showed that it loses brightness quickly when viewed from an angle.

Bang & Olufsen has also partnered HP to provide better-than-average, bass-boosting built in speakers. These speakers are not located at the bottom of many 17-inch laptops. They sound a little tinny but our reviewer stated that audiophiles who are familiar with EQ settings could get more out of them.

Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080

Although the HP Envy 17t may be heavy and bulky, it offers many interesting features. It has a full-size keyboard, many ports, and even an optical drive. This is something that you rarely see on laptops these days. The laptop took a while to wake up after being closed. It would also hang on the log in screen when we signed in with our fingerprint. Our HP Envy 17t scored 4,063 in PCMark 10. This is a good result for the price and is helped by the discrete graphic card. It has some drawbacks but it is still a viable option. — Jonno Hill, Product Tester

Lifewire / Jonno Hills

Best Budget: HP 17X116DX

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Although the 17-X116DX from HP doesn’t have all the bells or whistles that machines twice as expensive offer, it’s still a great choice for performance. The PC includes a 2.5GHz Intel Core i5 CPU, 1TB 5400rpm HDD, 8GB RAM, and a DVD/CD Burner to burn all your movies onto the large hard drive. A non-backlit keyboard provides a number pad that is soft and comfortable for everyday typing. The 17.3 inch 1600 x900 resolution display has high-quality imagery and energy efficiency, helping to maximize battery life.

Although the HP’s 17-inch price tag is quite standard, its 5.7-pound weight is still very reasonable. However, it measures less than one inch overall. A single USB 3.1 port allows for third-party data devices to be connected at high speeds, with ultrafast data transfer speeds. An HDMI port adds connectivity options for larger displays or monitors

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