Tava Network Marketing What business module is Tava?

Many people know how important it is to take care of their health.

Tava network marketing is a great opportunity.

What business module is Tava,

It is an MLM company.

About Tava Network Membership

Tava Network offers a low $49.95 membership. This includes $49.95 membership and the number of product packs you purchase.

  • Affiliate Pack $100
  • Personal: $300
  • Fast Track Pack: 500
  • $1200 in the Builder Pack
  • $2000 Founder’s Package – This package is not available for new affiliates.

The $49.95 annual fee for the pack is waived once you’ve purchased it.

Compensation Plan:

Tava network marketing offers five types of compensation plans.

  1. Retail Profits Take $10 off all products to increase your profits
  2. A Quickstart Bonus – You will be able to receive between $30 and $800 depending on the purchase you make in your recruitment. Each month, personal purchases of $140 are necessary.
  3. Binary pay This module is made up of two legs. You can place recruits under either the right or left leg.
  4. Binary Match Pay: All recruits get a bonus. Only senior executives can receive this bonus.
  5. Profit sharing Pools – Company provides triple diamonds and higher ranks as well as profit sharing pools.


Only recommend affiliates if you have strong MLM skills.

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