Smart guide to creating the best Instagram videos

Social media is a world of revolutions. It is the ultimate field for creative people to showcase content in various formats and ace at it. With over 1 billion people using Instagram, needless to say, the engagement rate is very high and conjures a lot of traction. 

Over time, with every new update, Instagram has managed to develop some stellar video formats that have continued to grow in popularity. Today, we have Instagram post videos, reels, IGTV, and even video snippets that can be added to stories and can help in gaining a lot of traction.

In order to make sure your Instagram videos have the best audiences viewing them and your company or brand gets more attention in that crowd, there are certain ground rules and bases that you need to master.

Here is where a guide comes in great use for you to incorporate all the right elements needed in an Instagram video and gain more followers and generate brand awareness. From finalizing on the type of content, to the duration, to the ultimate purpose to be gained out of it – everything has to be strategically planned to ensure that your video content basks in glory solely because of its perfection!

Let us have a look at a few of the basic tips that will work as a guide for you to make the perfect Instagram videos.

1. Instagram Video Posts on Feed

In the world of social media, the type of content that will always work for you is relatable content. Something that keeps your followers and viewers engaged and keep them intrigued to find out more about your brand.

Therefore, the kinds of content that you can opt for are launch videos of any products or new campaigns, bytes of interviews that you want to share, the small snippets that can be posted in a video format on the feed, or a short motion video with interesting point-wise announcements of some interesting facts and figures about your brand.

Having a great insta video editor at your disposal is the first step to curating a well-shot video.

One of the types of Instagram videos that started long back was posting them on the feed, just how we post static images. For these kinds of videos, you should aim to go for an mp4 format, and the duration of your content should be timed between 3-60 seconds.

Besides that, small but engaging content will always work. Also, the size of the frame is exceptionally important because, unlike YouTube, the rotate feature does not work on Instagram, so stick to the Vertical format (1920 x 1080 px) or Square format (864 x 864 px) sizes, but the thumbnail has to be in a square format. Also, if dialogues are being spoken by someone in your video, it is always advisable to have subtitles in it.

2. Instagram Videos in Story Format

The stories format became so successful on Instagram that now we have that feature in every next social media platform.

Influencers often upload content in stories as they gain a lot of traction. However, when Instagram videos are being posted on stories, there are certain guidelines that need to be adhered to.

The perfect size of a story frame is 1920 x 1080px. The duration should be as short as 15 seconds as it goes well with the attention span of the viewers. However, if the duration exceeds 30-60 seconds, then the video gets conveniently split into 3 or more stories.

Mp4, MOV, or Gif are the 3 formats in which the videos can be uploaded to your stories, and a maximum of 4GB file is acceptable. The ratios for the story frame are 9:16, 4:5, and 16:9.

As for the content types, stories are mostly quick, short, and spontaneous videos – therefore, podcasts, teasers, and BTS videos work well for your stories.

The advantage of Instagram video stories is that you can use the amazing filters that Instagram has in store as well, which helps in making your videos even more aesthetic.

3. Instagram Videos as Reels

Instagram Reels rose to fame because people were addicted to them. They started with just a 15-second time range but now have increased to a minute.

It is always advisable to make shorter reels as well, as it garners more traction and holds the interest of your viewers for a longer time. Its aspect ratio should be 9:16 (1080 x 1920px).

As for the content type, it is quite similar to IGTV videos now, considering that its time duration has also been increased to a minute.


Goes without saying that in order to make that perfect video for a competitive social media platform like Instagram, one has to be at the top of their game. Make sure you follow the basic guidelines and then slowly start working on your Instagram videos from the aesthetics point of view as well.

The outcome only gets more perfect, professional, and pleasing with time, but the basics help set your groundwork firmly and slowly, creating more buzz with your IG videos.

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