Skullcandy Crusher Review

As deep bass will become an increasing number of less difficult to supply in incredibly inexpensive headphones, organizations are including new hints to the equation to win your interest. Beyerdynamic and Skullcandy each these days launched headphones with adjustable bass sliders—however Skullcandy’s Crusher, at $99.95 (direct), is each an awful lot greater inexpensive and some distance greater brazen in its approach, permitting you to elevate the bass to insane levels. Used with a diffused touch, the bass slider nonetheless brings lots of deep bass—and a pleasant stability withinside the excessive-mids and highs. Combine that with the detachable cable, which has an inline far off and microphone for cell devices, and the Crusher is a winner. But make no mistake, it is very clean to make those headphones sound horrifyingly bass-heavy and really bad—it is as much as you to locate the proper stability.


The Crusher’s($99.25 at Amazon)(Opens in a brand new window) sleek plastic contour is available in 3 shadeation alternatives—white, pink, or black. The earcups are nicely-padded with plush black pads, and the bottom of the headscarf has a enough quantity of cushion, aleven though it is now no longer pretty as plush because the ear pads. Because of the big quantity of bass reaction the Crusher is able to producing, the headphones require ports on both ear cup to assist the drivers function with ease.

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Behind the proper ear cushion is a battery compartment for one AA battery, that’s protected. I discovered it a chunk disturbing to eliminate a battery from the compartment, however you may simplest need to try this more or less each forty hours of playback time, in line with Skullcandy—and that score is primarily based totally on playback with the bass on the most, ridiculously pumped-up degree.

The bass slider at the proper ear cup efficaciously acts as an on/off switch, as nicely. When you notice the pink dot at the slider appear, you are now no longer pulling strength from the battery. It’s a chunk disconcerting, due to the fact there is no reassuring click on you experience or listen with a regular strength switch, however it turns the inner amp off nonetheless. If track is paused or the headphones are disconnected from an audio source, this additionally shuts off the inner amp and saves battery life.

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You can concentrate to track passively (with the slider withinside the off position) or with none battery withinside the compartment whatsoever—you simply lose the capacity to regulate the bass.Skullcandy Crusher inline

The protected cable is detachable and capabilities an inline far off manipulate and microphone for cell devices. This will increase the cost of the Crusher, as it is much less costly to shop for a brand new cable than it’s miles to update the entire headphone pair if the cable malfunctions over time. The far off is of the unmarried button variety, this means that no quantity controls, however it has more compatibility throughout maximum of the famous cell tool platforms.

A black nylon drawstring pouch is likewise protected with the Crusher, which the headphones without difficulty fold down into.


With the bass slider withinside the off position, the Crusher already produces a sizeable quantity of bass reaction. Tracks with extreme sub-bass content, just like the Knife’s “Silent Shout,” are added with a first rate thump. At pinnacle volumes, with the slider off, tracks like this sound like they’re teetering on the brink of distortion, however in no way pretty supply in. With the slider up all of the manner…whoa. We have a few real driving force distortion, blended with critical vibration of the headphone body itself, which additionally sounds a chunk like distortion, however isn’t. The headphones experience like they may be one of these rubdown chairs on the airport, however burrowing into your skull—it would not hurt, however it is now no longer precisely a calming feeling. Good factor no sane man or woman might be the use of those headphones with each the quantity and the bass slider maxed out!

Once we positioned the slider at mid-manner, and decrease the quantity from our sound source (on this case, an iPhone 4S), matters get a bit much less extreme, aleven though a song with this an awful lot deep bass remains going to be a distortion hazard till you dip nicely beneath the midway factor for the bass slider. This song rarely wishes greater bass reaction to start with, so we will take the extreme vibrations and distorted lows with a grain of salt.

At a mid-degree bass putting on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “No Church withinside the Wild,” the Crusher blends the low frequencies in properly with what’s a reasonably crisp reaction. There’s no distortion at pinnacle-bass quantity, however despite the fact that this song has much less in-your-face sub-bass withinside the blend, the Crusher nonetheless sounds ridiculous. Oddly, the sub-bass synth hits that punctuate the drum loop simplest trap the strength of the bass slider while the synth hits the better notes in its quick progression—the bottom note, which it hits maximum often, receives misplaced withinside the blend and the opposite barely better notes growth with gusto. So in spite of this an awful lot boosted bass, it would not attain all of the manner down into the bottom depths of subwoofer thunder.

I discovered that, at approximately 25-percentage bass degree, this song sounded extreme withinside the lows and nonetheless crisp and clean withinside the highs. And with the slider off, the song sounds plenty thinner, and appears to have nearly no low-stop presence. For me, the candy spot is at approximately one-area bass degree.

This bass degree regarded to paintings quite nicely with different genres, too—Bill Callahan’s “Drover” receives the proper quantity of crisp excessive-mid presence in order that his voice can take care of the more richness it receives from the low-stop. At most or maybe mid-bass degree, the stability is tipped manner off and the tune sounds comically bass-heavy. Even classical tracks can sound ridiculously bass-heavy, which isn’t always truly desirable, so your great guess is to maintain the slider at very mild settings.

It appears stupid to knock a couple of headphones that has the functionality of sounding pretty balanced and effective simply as it lets in the person to regulate matters to this point out of whack that it sounds lousy or the drivers could (perhaps) blow. So, we are now no longer knocking the Crusher, due to the fact used normally, it sounds great. It does appear peculiar that the bass slider lets in for one of these whopping, unnecessarily excessive bass degree, however simply due to the fact a Ferrari can cruise at 110MPH would not imply you cannot revel in a leisurely 50MPH drive.

If you like the concept of adjustable sound signatures, and feature a chunk extra cash available, the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro( at Amazon)(Opens in a brand new window) is an excellent, subtle model of the growth-tastic Crusher. Perhaps stable bass reaction is attractive to you, however now no longer a lot the person adjustable controls—if so, don’t forget the Sennheiser HD 429s, which gives a pleasant stability, however nonetheless lots of low-stop. And if all the alternatives indexed right here are an excessive amount of on your budget, the inexpensive Skullcandy Hesh 2( at Amazon)(Opens in a brand new window) and Jays v-Jays each provide affordable bass reaction with out going over the pinnacle. For $100, however, the Crusher is a nicely-designed, person-customizable curiosity, able to bringing out the splendor and fury of your preferred track, or making it sound just like the bass is beginning a conflict in opposition to all different frequencies ranges, and that conflict is taking location inner your skull.

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