Public Service Commission: 4 ways to start preparing for the exam

What is the Public Service Commission Exam?

The public service commission examinations are conducted every year in a PAN India manner so that the best potential candidate can be shortlisted so that they can serve the country across various official positions in the government. Public Service Commission examinations  are mostly State Level Examination better conducted by the respective States.

Each state in India has their own PSC setup under which they have a list of positions present where prospective candidates are required to undertake  this examination so that they can be eligible for being selected for official positions in the state governments. 

Qualifications for being eligible for PSC

There are specific eligibility conditions that need to be effectively met before any prospective individual or a student can register themselves for this examination. The academic qualification that is required is a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree or anything equivalent to the same. Students will need to have this degree from a recognised University under the UGC.

There is also an age limit present where the candidates need to be between the ages of 21 years to 35 years so that they can be eligible to appear for the examination. Moreover,  it is also important to highlight that there are several quotas present for the minorities, in which the age limit also varies.

Ways to prepare for PSC exams

In the given section an outline has been provided regarding the methods that need to be undertaken so that it can be possible for our students to prepare for the public service examinations so that they can be able to secure a government job.

  1. Read the syllabus in detail: The first step that needs to be undertaken by any prospective aspirant is by having clarity on the syllabus. The syllabus is considered to be the first point of contact as it helps in outlining the major topics that will be asked in the examinations and also provides clarity on the total number of subjects that will need to be prepared. There are several platform to sell courses online that can provide clarity on this matter and help students have complete control over the syllabus. This is important because it will act as the primary source of contact for the students when it comes to learning about the subjects and chapters that will need to be prepared as well as give the basic idea about what kind of questions can be asked.
  2. Practice previous years papers: The second important step that is instrumental to be taken by students is to practice previous years question papers as it will not only provide them with clarity on what kind of questions may be asked and also provide them with clarity on the pattern that follows. There are several best platform to sell online courses available on the Internet that deal particularly with this aspect by helping students understand the pattern of questions that is asked in these examinations. Once the students have a better understanding of the pattern it becomes easier for them to prepare accordingly there by allowing them to easily navigate the large syllabus and become prepared for this examination.
  3. Follow Newspapers: When it comes to preparing for the public service commission examinations the newspapers are considered to be the first point of contact that provide clarity to students on current affairs. Most current affairs questions are asked from newspapers and magazines that are released by the government as it contains all the necessary and important information regarding the steps undertaken by the government as well as current world affairs.
  4. Prepare english language: The subject of English is one of the most common subjects that are used to develop questions by the students tested on the english-language. As English is used in most Indian states therefore it is vital that students showcase their ability to convert some English as well as have a basic understanding of the subject. Therefore it is at most important that students practice the subject and showcase their proficiency in the same in the examination.



In conclusion, it can be stated that the public service commission examination is an examination that requires the students to be dedicated and have complete clarity on the syllabus so that they can effectively prepare for it.

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