How to Fix It When Facebook Keeps Crashing

This article will show you how to prevent the Facebook app’s crashes on your smartphones, tablets, or PCs. We will also give some tips on how to keep the app from closing down and freezing in the future.

Why does Facebook keep crashing?

Because they do so many more things, apps and services are more complex. This means that there are many reasons why an app crashes.

  • Lack of space on a smartphone, tablet or computer
  • App or operating system out of date
  • Facebook Service down or having other problems
  • Poor cellular or Wi Fi internet connection

How to stop Facebook app from freezing and crashing

There are many proven tech tricks that can stop the Facebook app from freezing up, stopping it from freezing up, or crashing. These solutions are listed in order, so it’s best to go through them in that order.

  1. Find out if Facebook is down. Facebook may be experiencing issues that can cause the app to crash or freeze.

  2. Keep the Facebook app up to date. Keep the Facebook app updated. The platform you use to update the app will determine how it works: iPhone ( Facebook Update on iPhone), Android( Facebook Update on Android), Windows ( Facebook Update on Windows).

  3. Your operating system should be updated. You can update your operating system using one of three platforms: Windows ( Windows OS), Android( Android Operating System), iOS ( iOS Update on an iPhone).

  4. You can free up space on your device. Your platform will determine how much space you can free up on your phone. For example, iPhone ( Get rid of an iPhone), Android( Get rid of an Android device), Windows ( Get rid of an old Windows PC)

  5. Close the Facebook app and then re-open it. Re-opening Facebook will refresh the app’s data and make it more efficient. You must properly close the app. Your platform will determine how an app should be closed

  6. Restart your device. Restarting your device can resolve many problems that you won’t be able solve any other way. Your platform will determine how you restart your device: Windows (), iOS Restart your iPhone, or Android ().

  7. Change to cellular. App glitches or crashes can be caused by weak Wi-Fi signals.

  8. Switch to Wi Fi only. Facebook could crash due to a weak connection between your mobile device and its cellular network. Re-open Facebook by connecting your iPhone or Android to Wi-Fi.

  9. Disable your VPN. Your VPN service may be experiencing connection problems that are affecting your Facebook app.

  10. Disable 5G. It could be that your smartphone or tablet is having trouble connecting to 5G.

  11. . This setting can affect the Facebook app’s ability connect to Facebook servers, which could cause app freezing or crashing.

  12. . This can be done quickly to improve the Facebook app’s performance or fix any crashing or freezing issues.

  13. Clear your device’s cache. The platform that you use to delete the cache varies: Windows ( Delete a cache on Windows), iOS Delete a cache on iOS, or Android ( Remove the cache from an Android device).

  14. Reset network settings. Resetting the network settings of your device can often fix large internet connection issues across multiple websites and apps.

  15. Access Facebook using a web browser. If you have trouble accessing Facebook through the app, you can always go to its official website using an internet browser. Facebook is compatible with all screen sizes. It is an excellent alternative to the desktop, tablet, or mobile version.


  • Why has my Facebook app been frozen?

    Facebook’s app can freeze due to service problems, interruptions in Wi-Fi or mobile internet connections, or space issues on your tablet, smartphone, or computer. These issues can be solved by a combination of several solutions.

  • Why is my app closing every time I open it?

    Apps that close as soon as they open are often due to a lack or weak connection. To stop apps closing after being opened, try the solutions at top of the page.

  • Facebook is having problems right now

    Facebook down is a common reason for errors and glitches on both the website and apps. It is easy to determine if Facebook has issues by checking both the official Facebook app and website, and then checking another website or app that needs an internet connection. Facebook will likely be down if only the Facebook site and app are affected.

    Still unsure? You might be unsure?

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