Best Bedroom Décor Ideas For Couples In 2022

How often do you picture yourself blissfully falling asleep in your bed without worrying about anything in the world? After all, your bedroom is synonymous with your sanctuary of peace! So it makes sense if you spend time looking for ideas and nailing all the decorations to go along with your personal preferences by using fairy lights, backlit photo frames, or even scented candles.

But that is the easy part. The challenge comes when you have to decorate your master bedroom as a couple, especially as a newly married couple. Since you’re not planning or organizing as a solo individual, there will be cases when you both may not always agree on the same idea of décor.

Decorating any room, especially a bedroom, should be a synergy to build a space where you both will coexist and relax. And by keeping this thing in mind, you and your partner can learn how to design a couple’s bedroom that feels welcoming, even when you both don’t have to agree on every little thing.

In order to help you out in this ordeal, we’ve gathered a few relevant ideas that will put your mind at ease.

     1. Settle On A Common Theme

The first step is settling on a decision while ensuring both parties feel comfortable in finding a common theme that doesn’t wipe off the balance.

If you’re  combining two styles of décor is not working out, then try to find one core element that can complement the space all throughout. It could be through a color palette, hardware material (like wood, marble), or even fabric (like: curtains, bedsheets). 

      2. Inst2ll Sconces On The Bedside

Beauty shouldn’t be the only factor while considering bedroom décor– it must also be functional. For instance, you could install a chandelier; but that would only add up to your burdens of maintenance.

You can rather substitute all your high-maintenance lighting with a pair of sconces for each side of your bed. It not only adds an aesthetic touch but also helps attain balanced lighting. 

      3. Add Art Pieces Of Common Interest

As we mentioned above, finding a common ground is necessary to create a balanced design. Another trick is choosing a stunning piece of art together or deciding upon a souvenir you both adore and display outright!

Not everyone shares the same interest, but one way around this is by decorating your walls with unusual art pieces. It could be a vintage rug, a collection of “his and hers” articles mounted to the wall or an appealing plant holder.  

     4. Include Scented Candles

You can include a few elements in your bedroom that add romance or elevate the mood with more ambiance. In this case, a few scented candles on your nightstands or bedside dressers can act as a perfect mood-booster!

     5. Add An Elegant Tray On Your Nightstand

Right now, nightstand trays have become quite popular for how they help you in staying organized. However,  they can be used for even more purposes. It can also act as a vital decorative element in your room and a storage platter.

So, don’t miss out on them the next time you come across one! 

     6. Introduce Back-lit Photo Frames 

Photographs are something that everyone likes to cherish for the rest of their lives. So why don’t you frame those up and hang them up on a wall? Needless to say, a few such priceless photos that remind you and your partner of all the good memories are worth keeping for display. It isn’t just aesthetic but is functional as well.

      7. Display Scripted Messages 

How about you print out the words that keep you calm yet active– the ones that motivate or make you feel special? It could be a line from a song, your favorite quote from a movie or a book, a word of affirmation, or a promise you both made to each other. The logic is to highlight a word or a statement that is worth remembering for a long time and print it out on pillows, headrest, or as a hanging on the wall. 

      8. Hang A Sunburst Mirror

Unlike other elements, a mirror helps add character to any room. And when it is made aesthetically pleasing, just like a sunburst mirror, it can never run out of style! 

Beyond being a simple decor piece, it can help in attaining the right amount of illumination throughout the room.

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