Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting Ideas to Spark a Stylish Design

The bathroom is one of the extensively utilized rooms in the house. It’s important to make sure that it has proper lighting. Bathrooms have been the first place to go soon after one wakes up. Therefore, lighting is crucial for a better experience and proper establishment of the bathroom, since most of the old aged people’s accidents occur in the bathroom. So, it’s important to realize that lighting doesn’t only style the look, but also ensures safety. 

This article deals with the styling of bathrooms with lighting. 

How to choose to light

Light levels of Bathroom

The answer to how much grade lighting can be utilized counts on the person. If you’re just a person who uses the bathroom just for shuffling the water and face washing, 10-12 footcandles (fc) are further than enough. If you utilize the bathroom for shaving, you would need 100 FC. So, it relies on the usage of the bathroom. 

Ceiling Lights

Cover glints are the mandatory lights for a bathroom. Adding lanterns near the mirrors, here, wouldn’t give a perfect look unless you add light to your ceiling pendant that matches the other lights. Because you don’t want two contrasting lights to blend and disrupt by giving too much glare and brightness. 


Many people add too much lighting to the bathroom in the name of adding beauty to it. Adding too many lights makes your bathroom unpleasant. So, maintain a balanced contour. 

Stylish Designs Using Lighting For Your Bathroom

Layering Bathroom Light

Irrespective of the quantity of your bathroom, installing 2-3 contrasting colors of lanterns will invariably engage the look of your bathroom. This layout is an assortment of rhythm spotlights, and downlights that would create a pleasant feel suitable for all practical tasks and give an illuminating glimpse at dusk. Usually, these bathrooms have downlights to brighten the whole space, and task lighting is mended near the mirrors. 

Create a Focal point

The trick of using lights at a particular place in the bathroom gives a well-designed appearance. A black bathtub with wall light graphic box monochromatic light is the best if you want to go along with the trend. It brings a vanity to your bathroom and thus attracts people.

Colored lighting bathroom

This lighting brings spirit to your minimalistic bathroom. With a charming coral light and colored wall art and the sink completes the best version of the bathroom. The light is doubled by reflecting since the lights here hang down right in front of the mirror. 

Mirror Lighting

Applying this lighting would bounce back the light, thus giving a natural light look to your bathroom, which in turn also gives a crystal clear look while applying beauty cosmetics or facial shaving. So, placing a mirror near your nature-like lighting will give you the essence of a bathroom.

Accent Lighting

A collection of under-mounted spotlights with LED lights is a well-known way to attain the same ambient lighting. It highlights specific spaces of the bathroom such as bathtubs, tiling patterns of the wall, and color contrast. So, assign a light that alleviates your tiredness after a long day. It should have a specific set of lighting so it can be turned on while the other area lights are off. 

Bath Remodeling Facts and Mood

Bath remodeling is a difficult task to be done alone, that;s why you might need bathroom remodeling contractors. As well as an expensive task that has to be planned well within budget before beginning the remodel work. Working on the lights for remodeling would be better if it was carried out during the construction of the bathroom period. So, the wiring can be done perfectly. Additionally, choosing the bathroom stuff such as sinks, toilet, countertop, and tub have to be in contrast to the colors of the light used to decorate. Therefore, you must ensure that the results of the remodeled bathroom don’t attract you, but also pleases your budget. 


From the article, you would have got an idea about it from this article. Bathrooms give a pleasant look when constructed with care. We often undervalue and forget that it’s a part of our living home. Bathrooms have been one of the less prioritized rooms that are overlooked in stylish designs. Both the thing is that bathrooms are the well-deserved parks that have to be decorated with balanced lighting. Add some light to it with fixtures. So, the mood of your day is set by the bathroom refreshment.

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