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Do you love gaming? This is the place to be. Today we’ll be talking about the Hecate Gaming Headset gx07 Price, which was just released. This is something online gamers all around the world (e.g., France, Spain, India) can’t wait to get their hands on.

Hecate GX07

Edifier, a manufacturer for sound system devices, such as headphones and speakers, has launched the Hecate GX07 Bluetooth gaming headset. Hecate GX07 is different from other headsets in that it looks like armor. This makes it more suitable for gaming. A pair of headphones, an adapter cord, a C type USB charger and a bag to store them are included in the package. The package includes three pairs of eartips. Continue reading to find out more about the Hecate Price as well as its characteristics.

Features for Hecate

These are the special features that this product has.


  • The set opens in a wing-shaped form and can be divided into two pieces.
  • The flashing Red, Green, Blue-Blue lighting system is located in front and can be turned off with a mechanical switch.
  • The battery can be used for 26 hours in general mode. It will only last 20 hours when the noise reduction method is used. This is why the Hecate Price might seem a bit high to some buyers. It takes only 2 hours to fully charge the device.
  • The noise generated by the surrounding environment is minimized by the wireless headset. Two microphones inside the headset detect and eliminate both internal and external noises.
  • There are seven sound modes that can be adjusted to match the ambient.
  • The headset will automatically select the most appropriate sound effects for the player while they play games via the connected system.

Hecate price

Our research shows that the item can be purchased online for $129. The price includes both the headset’s internal circuitry and sound control software (including the LED lighting). The price of gaming accessories is often too high due to high demand or branding. But the product’s unique characteristics make them worth it.

The Final Thought

The wireless headset will enhance the performance and play area of gamers from all over the world. Hecate is an affordable headset, given its unique design and all the features that it offers. Learn more about Bluetooth wireless headphones and how they work.

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