A Few Different Types of Mattresses Available In The Market

As soon as you enter any mattress showroom, you will be immediately tackled by some overzealous salesperson who will try to convince you to buy one of the most expensive mattresses available in the showroom.

They may also insist that you must lie down on the mattress of your choice to get the real feel and tell you about various life-changing benefits that you can get from that mattress. However, lying down on any mattress in the showroom bed just for a few moments under the watchful eyes of a salesperson will not give you the right impression of what kind of bed you will get at home.

What is the best mattress? Most buyers like you, while buying the best mattresses, will end up buying an almost similar mattress that they already had before. However, you must exercise your other options too. However, due to the presence of hundreds of different varieties available in the market, often it is too confusing to decide on the right mattress.


Therefore, in this article, we shall discuss most of the common varieties of mattresses available in the market, so that you have a basic idea about them and can help you to choose something better rather than going for the stereotypical one.

Let us first explain to you the various pros and cons of spring, foam, and also the hybrid type of mattresses, so that you can understand, which one will be the best for your bed.

  1. Innerspring Mattresses

This variety is one of the most traditional types of mattresses, that you can find in most homes. The spring mattress is usually made up by putting a layer of coils that are surrounded by comfort materials that can be any of the following:

  • Latex
  • Foam
  • Natural fibers

Different varieties of spring mattresses may use different types of coils and layouts for achieving different effects.


  • Can offer a very solid back support
  • You can get in much different range of firmnesses
  • Usually, the most budget-friendly options available



  • It may wear out sooner as compared to foam
  • When the spring gets older then it can become noisy
  • Offer comparatively less relief from pressure on joints

Often spring mattresses can be the best choice for people who are stomach or back sleepers, people having lower back pain, and those individuals who are quite heavyweight who may find foam mattresses not good enough to offer sufficient support.

  1. Foam mattresses

Foam mattresses were first popularized when NASA developed memory foam during the year of 1970s. These foam mattresses usually rely on many different combinations of foams of different kinds of density to offer the necessary softness and support.

Although these memory foam mattresses are the most used type of foam mattress available in the market, however, you can find several varieties of them and each can offer you different types of benefits.


  • Foam mattresses are softer on side sleepers and particularly for those having joint pain
  • They can absorb the motion of restless sleepers
  • As no springs are used, it eliminates noise issue
  • Much more durable as compared to the spring mattresses in the long run


  • Certain foams can trap the body heat
  • Often softness of foam may cause a “sinking” feeling
  • For certain types of sleepers, foam mattresses may not offer sufficient support
  • Foam mattresses are more expensive as compared to the spring mattresses
  1. Hybrid mattresses

Nowadays you can also find a few mattresses that are hybrid compositions that may include layers of both foam and springs combined. Such kind of hybrid mattresses is a great option for people whose preferences may fall in between the property offered by the spring and the foam mattresses.


  • Hybrid mattresses are softer than springs and do not offer any “sinking” feeling that people get from the foam mattresses
  • Hybrid mattresses can offer pressure point relief without making any compromise on the back support
  • You will find them quieter than any spring mattress alternatives
  • Possible to regulate temperature much better as compared to pure foam mattresses
  • Can be great for couples having different firmness preferences


  • Good quality hybrid mattresses are expensive and heavy
  • Does not absorb motion like foam

With the above comparison, you can make a better choice of your mattresses while visiting any mattress store or showroom.

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