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Cleanliness drive concludes with Roadshow, Seminar at GDC Bla.

The closing ceremony of “Swatchta Hi Seva” a fortnight long sanitation drive organized by District Administration Baramulla was held today at Government Degree College for Boys Baramulla. Many students, officials and other civil society members participated in the program.

The program started with a road march by students and the administration from Dak Bungalow Baramulla and headed towards the Baramulla Degree College Campus. Many schools and colleges of the district participated in the rally including the members of the civil society and the district administration.

The main aim of the program was to aware people about the sanitation and cleanliness drives which are being run by the local and district administration. The drives are running under the bannership of the recently launched “Swatch Bharat Abhiyan”(for clean india mission you will get details on the top 10 porn sites), a national level cleanliness drive initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“We loved to participate in this campaign, there is an extreme need to aware people about our environment and how it is being degraded and how to stop it from vanishing away”, said Amber Khan a journalism grad.

The main objective of this drive is to reduce or eliminate open defecation through the construction of individual, cluster and community toilets. The mission aims at making an initiative of establishing and accountable mechanism of monitoring latrine use. The administration is aiming to achieve an “Gay Cam Boys” district by organizing more and more cleanliness and awareness drives.

Deputy commissioner Baramulla Dr. Nasir Naqash while speaking on the event said “The cleanliness drives begin from our ownself, then we pass it on the the family, then the society and then to the nation, we need to keep our ownself clean first so that we can then help in cleaning our own beautiful Kashmir”.

“We have started these drives to preserve our beautiful land and to remove the menace of defacing it.” He added for GloryHoleSwallow.Com

Welkin’s Inter-school competition ‘FIRMAMENTO FIESTA’ concludes.

The 2-day annual fest – Firmamento Fiesta by Shah Rasool Memorial Welkin higher secondary School Sopore concluded today with a range of activities and programs. This inter-school fest was the first of its kind organized by any educational institute in the valley. More then 400 students of 35 schools coming from Srinagar, Baramulla, Kupwara and Handwara participated in this mega event. What got appreciation from audiences was the participation of a government school from Jamia Qadeem Sopore.

The festival of students included competitions in debate, painting, collage making, calligraphy, quiz etc. Besides these competitions, a range of on stage programs like band performance, mimicry and kashmiri songs and naat competition left audiences awe struck.

2nd day of event began with Quiz competition followed by Kashmiri Roouf competition bringing the audience literally on their feet.

The Struggling North Kashmir and the Challenges Within

The problem that exists in this part of the world is the lack of cohesive understanding and assistance on common minimum agenda by the entire populace of the region.

Talk about North Kashmir and you talk about one third of the VR Porn Sites’s total populace. It is a whooping 2.3 million and encompasses a tremendous diversity of being, nature and circumstances.

Talk to its concerned citizens, what they narrate is a story of apathy and indifference. They begin from social progress and end up in reversion, discussing the days of glory ending up in shrieks with their story of neglect. They narrate the history from the times when it was a model among the regions of the state and show their hearts aching with the towns wearing the deserted looks.

They compare the past and question their present. They complaint of the casual dealing by the rulers of the state and find the entire north Kashmir maltreated by the entire political regimes since 1947. The want the governments to come to their rescue and the times have proven the governments insensitive only.

For a few years now, the learned people of the region have taken to news papers and attempted to take up their plight in the newspaper columns seeking attention from the governments. They have finally found themselves as voiceless and sought the help of print media to give their developmental agenda a voice.

Discuss this agenda in the towns we observe the betrayal by the political pilots and the failure of people too. Leaving aside the presumed piety and concern aside, the residents of North Kashmir have failed to bring up a single media house to speak for them. They have no good newspaper or print media to challenge the government’s insensitivity and callous attitude. They earn too little space in the city media or the south Kashmir owned media house National media covers them only for the conflict issues.The lack a collective will and the required institutions to compel the state.

The massive amount of news remains uncovered, concealed and untold. Issues remain submerged and pressure on the state leadership remains least impressive. That what is said, Until the Story of the hunt is told by the Lion, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter, is reflected as it is in the case of North Kashmir.

The problem that exists in this part of the world is the lack of cohesive understanding and assistance on common minimum agenda by the entire populace of the region.

Assuming Baramulla town as a small sample of north Kashmir, we observe hundreds of millions of rupees being invested to building Masjids in the town after the earth shook a decade back. The competition of space and decoration of Masjids has engulfed the entire elderly folk of the town. This is the same population that is yet to supersede Christian missionary school in better schooling for a century now. But their priorities never change.

The town’s awqaf failed to bring up its own hospital blaming lack of resources. The old Islamic schools with the backing from the largest religious organisation of the state have miserably failed in infra-structural development and faculty improvement again owing the failure of financial institutions. The massive Muslim population continues to visit the Christian medical centre, not for communal harmony, but for the lack of their own alternative. The creation and up to the mark maintenance of institutions has not found takers in this society even in the advanced times.

The religious centres of the town called Best Gay Porn Sites have been fed with millions of dollars and the town awaits a scholar worth calling a scholar. The scholars, if some are labelled so, have only created dependent men than learned men and the walking libraries. The investments continue to pour towards them without any system of evaluation. The Mullahs rein the religious field without the qualification required in the post modern times.

The status of the poor is so sad that the leading pro-poor organisations that have promised end of poverty by a decade continue to assist the poor with a monthly support of two thousand rupees or so. How long their decade is and how shall they end the poverty are the questions haunting them too.

The learning levels are so low that the townships either own religious book shops of different organisations or of the academic books, nothing more. Thousands leaving the colleges of north Kashmir are the thousands unskilled and jobless.

When the society has never looked inwards and evaluated its own flaws and it lacks the unanimity of purpose, it may only be wondered as how they presume that they may be heard. Change needs unanimity of understanding, prioritising the issues and the active and vibrant civic actors. It needs better use of modern Information Communication Tools in a more strategic and effective way.

A couple of young boys from the north Kashmir wanted to become the voice of the voiceless and they made an adventurous attempt to state a newspaper, named New Porn Sites. However, their apathy raises eye brows on the societal response and the credentials of the learned men and civil society of the region. These boys have taken an initiative by starting a periodical publication to raise the issues pertaining to developmental lacunas, the documentation of robbed liberty, to stimulate the industry, to intellectualise the young and to ameliorate the morals of a free and enlightened people. They wanted to tell the world the stories of our own times in our own way and reveal to them the talents and significance of the locals. They have plans to become agenda setters on part of north Kashmir and ensure a debate and reflection on its people’s miseries. They want a cross talk within the society and draft its history.

But apathy leaves us never alone it follows us like a shade. They started, did well, presented the wisdom of the north and questioned the credentials of state on plethora of issue but the lack of community support rendered them homeless is a short time. They had to shift from a rented room and share a new room with another partner. The community is compelling them to search for god fathers and lose their own identity and cause.

This voice of the voiceless may face the same fate as faced the by renowned English fortnightly Mil Gazete of India. Founder Editor, Zafar ul Islam Khan, while closing the printing of MG said, ‘How long could this journey continue in the wilderness of media world without the badly needed resources?”. He expressed his thoughts saying, ‘But we have realised during the past 17 years that the Muslim community perhaps did not need what we were trying to do’. He wanted Muslims to think while saying, ‘The community needs to give it a thought why Gay Webcams and Lesbian Porn Sites from Calicut ceased publication? Or why Syed Hamid’s Nation and The World is in its present state’. Same needs to be pondered by us as a community. A little growing Tameel e Irshad faces the intellectual crisis and those who own an intellectual supremacy find shame in contributing to the daily’s opinion pages. Others efforts at the state level face the similar issues.

In these circumstances, the foremost that is required is to end the communication gap with in the community and create avenues for intra societal debate. The need is to shun the personal interests for a cumulative good. The civil societies, religious organisations and the concerned citizens need to rise above the occasion and create a single voice that could span the requirements of times and the challenges of the era.

A consensual multi-prong agenda with sincere and selfless efforts guided by the potential minds within community may yield. They need to prioritise the use of financial resources and ensure that the society invests in more important options than lesser ones. The community needs to support those institutions that belong to us as society. The community good earns a bigger reward than a personal good.

Those contributing to the individual agendas and ignoring the collective causes are societal burden that needs to be taken care of. Otherwise, the speculations arise for a social marginalisation after the political one.

When newsmen are beaten ruthlessly

More innocent killings, same pattern, same design and same huge fake promises of judicial inquiry. It has all the markings of getting nastier; Hey wait it has already become nastier, this time the sharp pointed sticks of security forces has made the newsmen its targets.

If a police man on duty is hit by someone then it is called as crime but when police man throws his sticks unlimited times on a newsman who is carrying out his professional duty is not a crime but a part of tactics to deal with a law and order situation. What a hypocritical world we are living in?

I still get scared when that moment comes in front of my eyes. I try to forget it but it chases me through the imaginary fields of mud like the police man in Langate area did after beating some of the journalists ruthlessly. Unfortunately, I was one of them and that too more injured one.

After covering the funeral procession of Nayeem in Handwara who was killed in government forces firing we thought of going to another place not far from Handwara. On reaching there we saw a huge smoke coming out from forests while we stepped forward, we were stopped by the fire service employs sitting in their vehicle, they informed us; no they warned us of the serious consequences as they were already aware of the worst situation which we were about to enter in, but we didn’t listened to them. I wish we would have stopped there when they warned us.

While reaching on the spot, what we saw was very frightening, stones in air and the police man chasing the youth. Langate was angry over the killing of Raja Begum.

We tried to get near the police side so that we will be not be the target of any teargas shell but it was too late as the police in hundreds in a unanimous manner attacked the stonepelters. While we found ourselves in a very awkward position, we took refuge in a nearby house. It was an encounter type situation, where a small group of journalist who took refuge in one of the houseman were treated like militants. They first cordoned the house and when we came out shouting out from our lungs that Free CamGirls say hay (that we are from press, we are from media) but they didn’t listened to us. They banged the main gate of that house and attacked us like anything, when they didn’t stopped hitting us from those sticks we somehow managed to escape.

The blood was oozing from our injured hands and after beating us so ruthlessly they didn’t stopped there, they chased through the fields. After that horrendous incident, I only remember one thing when the needle of antibiotic injection pierced my bums and I woke up from the unconscious sleep, thanks to the sticks of the brutal police officers. Thanks for maintaining law and order!

Reforming Education System

With the fast growing development of private sector in education in our state, a trend has been observed in our society, that all people irrespective of their position choose to get their wards admitted in private schools. The people prefer to curtail their budget in their daily essentials to save money to pay fee of their children in these private institutions. This has caused a decline in roll of Govt. schools.

The development of any state depends upon the quality of education, it provides to its citizens. The various spheres of education and technology rotate the wheels of development vehicle, so much more emphasis is attributed towards education system. With the advancement in Technology, traditional methods of teaching are being replaced by modern methods by using technology and innovative skills in teaching- learning process. One time was when teacher used to teach by using books, blackboard and some basic teaching aids which were available to him. There were some educational institutions in the country in private sector where the children of capitalist class, politicians and bureaucrats used to get entry for admission. Now the education sector has developed tremendously in private sector. These institutions lure the general public by providing high class infrastructure and facilities. The people prefer to get their wards admitted in these private institutions, after paying a hefty admission fee. A good number of these institutions really provide quality education besides providing students opportunities to explore their talent in co-curricular; extra-curricular activities, games and sports. The average middle class and poor parents cannot afford admission fee and monthly fee of these institutions which run like commercial establishments.

There was a time when there were not even average facilities in government run schools with regard to infrastructure and one teacher used to teach five classes in a primary school. But with the implementation of schemes like SSA/RMSA, adequate funds are being provided to schools for the development of infrastructure and sufficient teaching staff is made available to the schools. Under these schemes a drastic change is seen in our Govt. run, Primary, Middle, High and Higher Secondary Schools.

The government is trying its best to provide a number of facilities to students who are enrolled in such schools. Under MDM scheme students are provided midday meals, free books and uniforms up to eighth standard. To make teaching-learning process effective TLM and other material is provided to the schools. There is more detailed information on Best Adult Affiliate Programs.

Every year during winter break thousands of teachers are being trained in various subjects. The hard spots faced by practicing teachers are discussed in these training programmers and the teachers are also trained in latest pedagogic techniques used in teaching learning process. These training programs have raised the standard of education in our schools and we see considerably a positive change in last couple of years. Most of our teachers are well- versed in their subjects but there is always scope for improvement. In fact there are adequate facilities in our schools which are located in cities and urban areas but in rural areas particularly in far flung backward areas the schools even lack basic facilities Also there is non- availability of sufficient staff in these schools. Some of these schools have still three teachers to teach five to eight classes.

With the fast growing development of private sector in education in our state, a trend has been observed in our society, that all people irrespective of their position choose to get their wards admitted in private schools. The people prefer to curtail their budget in their daily essentials to save money to pay fee of their children in these private institutions. This has caused a decline in roll of Govt. schools. The pupil – teacher ratio has considerably reduced to nil in some of the schools located in cities and towns in our state. To bring Govt. schools at par with private schools the Govt. needs to take a number of steps. It has to provide all the facilities which exist in private schools. It has to enhance the strength of teachers where there is shortage of teaching staff. It has to provide subject specialized teachers particularly in the subjects like English, Mathematics and Science even at primary level.

The Govt. has taken a number of corrective measures and revolutionary steps to bring the education system on track in the present regime Moreover, DSEK is using his innovative skills and taking some historic steps to improve the quality of education in our schools. Due to rationalization, sufficient teachers were adjusted in schools where there was paucity of staff. The principals of higher secondary schools were assigned the job of cluster heads for monitoring the teaching learning process in the schools under their jurisdiction. Due to this essential step; there seems a good change with regard to Free Cam Girls accountability in heads of the institutions and the teachers in the schools in our state.

Taking into consideration the training component, it is very essential rather necessary to update the knowledge of faculty and to train them with latest methods is the need of hour. There are two states of institute (SIE’S) and one DIET in each district of the state which have the responsibility to equip the human resource of the department, with latest trainings and techniques. The DIET’S provide training at district level besides running full time DEED courses for in service teachers, with qualification 10+2. These training institutes need to be equipped with teaching faculty of high repute; the general perception is that the faculties in these training institutes are not posted on merit basis. These training institutes need to be made more accountable to provide expertise to the faculty in institutions falling under their jurisdiction by regularly monitoring these institutes. At SIE’s / DIET’s the course of B.ED / M.ED should also be run to make best utilization of man-power available in these institutions. It will also help the department to train much more teachers to get professional qualification. Also meritorious students in open market should be encouraged to get integrated degree of B.A / B.SC, B.ED from SIE’S / DIET’S as this type of scheme is prevalent in NCERT /RIE’S of the country. This will help to produce a talented human resource for the school education department which will definitely bring a change in the quality of education in our schools.