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6 Ways to Make Your PDF Files SEO Friendly


The best PDF editor lets you make significant changes to your PDF file by either adding or removing text, inserting new design features, or leaving notes and comments on the page. Another way that PDF file editors can help is by giving you the options to optimize your PDF file so it can be more easily found during Google searches. Although PDF files are read-only they can also be indexed by the Google search engine based on keywords and other relevant phrases to push them to the top of any Google SERPs. 

Choose the File Name Carefully 

Google’s search engine looks at many different factors when deciding how and where to rank certain pages. Many believe that PDF-only websites or online documents are not taken into consideration when Google processes a search term but that is untrue. Google indexes many different PDF-only websites based on the usual parameters like content quality and the presence of essential keywords. 

That is why choosing a prescient title or file name for the PDF file in question is important since it gives the file a chance to be viewed when a user types in that keyword or particular term. Since the body text will not be included in the search, it is important that the main title or name of the file is a term or word that is regularly searched and viewed. 

Internal Linking 

Adding hyperlinks to any text is another way to increase its standing in Google SERPs. Internal linking, especially to credible sources of information (government sites, educational sites, etc.) gives the page more reliability and makes Google believe that the page is a relevant source of information for that particular topic or keyword. 

Linking Out to the Relevant Content

Again, the importance of linking not only lies in the number of external links the page contains but to what and where exactly the link leads, which can determine what ranking Google gives it. Links to commercial, unverified sites will invariably bring a page’s ranking down since it offers little to no educational or informational value to Google search users. Links that bring visitors to pages with reputable information like an official .gov or .edu site are more likely to be ranked higher since they offer more useful and non-commercial information that is relevant to searchers. 

A Unique and Optimized Title

Uniqueness is the name of the game for a lot of SEO strategies, but many people still do not understand the importance of making the content unique. To be sure, there are many tried and tested ways to make headings, titles, meta descriptions, etc. stand out more for Google’s search engine, but many also do not take into account being original. 

Numbers, power words, and exciting facts all play a role in getting Google to notice your page, but casual searchers as well whose eyes are automatically drawn to elements like exclamation points, breezy adjectives, and succinct but catchy headlines. It is also important to include elements like specific keywords that you know are relevant to the topic being presented on your page. 

Tailoring of the Content for Mobile 

Not all web content is displayed the same way across all devices and platforms. Pages and content seen on smartphones or tablets can appear much different than the regular webpage would on a browser on a laptop or computer. Fortunately, many web page designers take this into account when designing mobile versions of their main pages. 

You do not always know how someone will be accessing your content, so you need to make certain that all your content is optimized to be well-displayed no matter how someone is looking at it. Using fewer images or eliminating content-rich features that can slow down load times or decrease time spent on a page can ultimately lead to more viewers visiting the page if done well. 

Compressing The Images

Compressing images is not only a way to improve viewing and loading times of any online content, but it is also a good way to reduce the overall file size of any file type, including PDF files. There are many ways to compress a file without compromising the content inside including image quality and resolution. 

A program like Lumin PDF offers one way developers can reduce and compress the size of images within a PDF file without affecting quality. Lumin PDF has a compression feature that lets users upload their files and compress them several times to reduce the file size. Users can compress the file as much as they want without damaging any other essential features. 

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