6 Reasons Why You Should Use the PDF File Format

More and more industries have started to enter the digital world and one of the things they do is send and receive private files. Every business transports and creates hundreds of files on a day-to-day basis. But what’s the best format to send files in?

Professionals believe that Portable Document Format (PDF) files are the most convenient, secure, and simple way to transport information over the internet.

There are numerous reasons why we believe this, so here are a few major ones to help convince you.

Password Protected Files

Security is the main cause of concern for most businesses and in the case of confidential information, it’s a must. In the digital world, security comes in the form of encryption. PDF files allow users to password-protect their documents to create a document security program and make the recipients feel at ease.

This gives you the ability to keep prying eyes away from your content or even create a watermark on the content to prevent it from getting stolen and reused.

Document Format Remains Unchanged

When dealing with companies and clients, being professional is crucial. So even if you properly organize a document before sending it to another person, it will most likely show up altered and unorganized.

One of the major benefits of PDF files is their ability to retain the original formatting. It’s an ideal format for sending documents and it ensures that the layout remains the same.

Require Less Space

PDFs are relatively smaller in document size compared to other formats and take up less space in your hard drive. A smaller size is also really helpful when you need to send several files through email or upload them onto a website.

Because of their small size, PDFs are very portable and open faster so you can get information from them quickly and from anywhere. You can use a PDF editor to compress your PDF files.

Easy to Edit and Customize

PDF files can be easily created and edited using Adobe Acrobat or many other online tools. They’re ideal for keeping track of important information like tax documents and conducting surveys.

PDFs also allow you to change the font size, colours, margins, and page orientation without sacrificing the quality of the document. They are one of the most customizable document types out there.

Universally Compatible

One of the major factors that put PDFs at the top of the list of document formats is their universal compatibility. It is platform-independent, meaning that a PDF file can be opened and viewed on any operating system and you don’t need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it either.

Accessible to More People

PDFs are the most accessible document format since they don’t need any specific software to be opened and read by anyone. This property makes it ideal for sharing files and making them last for a long while.

When a person chooses to upload their PDF to the internet, it becomes accessible to users on most browsers. It also makes it easier for it to reach the desired audience.

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