Young Entrepreneur With The Social Responsibility

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Tahir returned from University of Roehampton London with a dream. There were many hardships but he continued the corporate life with ease, as his heart was always for business. Step by step, he made it.

Tahir, a young boy in his 20’s was brought up in a business family in Nowgam, Srinagar of Jammu and Kashmir. Instead of going for higher studies, earning name and fame in government sector, his inclination was always towards business.  Tahir was very much interested in business but his family wanted him to excel in his studies. His initial schooling was at Delhi Public School, Srinagar and after that he went London for higher education. But his dream brought him back. Only after one year, Tahir was back in Kashmir with new ideas. He started his own business – a dream fulfilled. There were many hardships but he continued the corporate life with ease, as his heart was always in business.


“When I left Kashmir for higher studies, I realized that everyone was moving out of the valley but no one was coming back and helping their own people. While the rest of world was developing at a high pace; condition of my valley, my people was deteriorating day by day. I wanted to help my people, uplift from this deteriorating condition,” says Tahir.


Tahir Maqsood Wani, 22, left his studies in 2016 after spending one year at University of Roehampton London. A young and energetic Tahir instead of dreaming of big started his journey of fulfilling his dreams. Step by step, he made it. By the end of 2017, Tahir had set up a multi crore businesses in Kashmir wherein he started supplying and distributing agriculture products to the farmers of Jammu and Kashmir for their socio and economic development. He is now one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of pesticides, fertilizers, cement and lubricants in the valley.


His dream project of business started in 2016. In just one and a half year, Tahir says he has turnover of 100-150 crores per year. London was a good place to earn money with not that much efforts but he wanted to be among his own people and help the needy.


“It would sadden me when I used to see youth of my valley running from pillar to post seeking a government job and when you don’t have a private sector where to go? I always wanted to generate employment in Kashmir,” he said.


At present there are 45 employees and more than 150 labourers working with him in various parts of Jammua and Kashmir including Leh in Ladakh region and Ramban in Jammu region.


He now wants to change the corporate social responsibility into a common man’s social responsibility. His argument is that there is a thin line between societal responsibility and marketing a business cause. Corporations appear to use corporate social responsibility to advance a brand. Instead, he proposes that the corporate sector has to begin in contributing in a genuine way towards social good that obviously requires honesty, discipline and sincerity. He is of the opinion that helping a common man, to uplift him, empowerment of youth will help a nation to grow.


Tahir never stopped there. He introduced a new brand of cement ‘Ultra Tech’ in Kashmir. Ultra Tech is one of the best brands of cements being used allover India.  He is planning to set up a bio fertilizer company here in Kashmir where in young and energetic youth from all over the valley will get a chance to work with Tahir.



Besides providing his services and helping the state of Jammu and Kashmir in employment generation, Tahir has a good taste of organizing awareness programs, cultural programs in the schools and colleges. Recently, he became the main partner in holding first of its kind program on ‘Kashmiriyat’ in Sopore town of Baramulla district. Tahir wants the young of valley to be free of drug addiction. He organized many such functions wherein drug addicts were counseled and helped in setting up their own small business outlets. As part of the campaign he supported the day-long event held in northern Kashmir’s Baramulla Degree college wherein stakeholders were questioned for there role in drug de-addiction.


Tahir has contributed immensely towards educating the young in relating to CSR and entrepreneurship. He has also taken up many projects related to green environment wherein he planted thousands of trees within the premises of schools and colleges and on barren lands.


Tahir says that his main objective is nurturing young entrepreneurs and helping people out in tough times.


“I consider myself a full time volunteer, so I am always in need of enthusiastic people who have a passion for contributing their time to help others and state. So I invest my time and their time to empower youth, protect nature, education and healthcare,” he said.