When newsmen are beaten ruthlessly

Asim Shah  |  202 Views

First Hand Account

More innocent killings, same pattern, same design and same huge fake promises of judicial inquiry. It has all the markings of getting nastier; Hey wait it has already become nastier, this time the sharp pointed sticks of security forces has made the newsmen its targets.

If a police man on duty is hit by someone then it is called as crime but when police man throws his sticks unlimited times on a newsman who is carrying out his professional duty is not a crime but a part of tactics to deal with a law and order situation. What a hypocritical world we are living in?

I still get scared when that moment comes in front of my eyes. I try to forget it but it chases me through the imaginary fields of mud like the police man in Langate area did after beating some of the journalists ruthlessly. Unfortunately, I was one of them and that too more injured one.

After covering the funeral procession of Nayeem in Handwara who was killed in government forces firing we thought of going to another place not far from Handwara. On reaching there we saw a huge smoke coming out from forests while we stepped forward, we were stopped by the fire service employs sitting in their vehicle, they informed us; no they warned us of the serious consequences as they were already aware of the worst situation which we were about to enter in, but we didn’t listened to them. I wish we would have stopped there when they warned us.

While reaching on the spot, what we saw was very frightening, stones in air and the police man chasing the youth. Langate was angry over the killing of Raja Begum.

We tried to get near the police side so that we will be not be the target of any teargas shell but it was too late as the police in hundreds in a unanimous manner attacked the stonepelters. While we found ourselves in a very awkward position, we took refuge in a nearby house. It was an encounter type situation, where a small group of journalist who took refuge in one of the houseman were treated like militants. They first cordoned the house and when we came out shouting out from our lungs that Hum Press say hay (that we are from press, we are from media) but they didn’t listened to us. They banged the main gate of that house and attacked us like anything, when they didn’t stopped hitting us from those sticks we somehow managed to escape.

The blood was oozing from our injured hands and after beating us so ruthlessly they didn’t stopped there, they chased through the fields. After that horrendous incident, I only remember one thing when the needle of antibiotic injection pierced my bums and I woke up from the unconscious sleep, thanks to the sticks of the brutal police officers. Thanks for maintaining law and order!