People advised not to use tap water in Mawer Handwara

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Authorities in Mawer Langate have asked people not to consume water for drinking or washing purposes as some miscreants have poured insecticides into a Nallah( Lawoosa Kul) which soon spread over a Kilometre in Mawer Langate, contaminating the Nallah Mawer also.

In a statement, Handwara Police has requested public not to consume water from Nallah Mawer till it is cleaned. Police have also requested people not to consume water from Lift Pumps Sherhama/Pohrupet/Panditpura.

Handwara Police and Technical expert team is on job to clean the contaminated water, a police official said.

Eyewitness said that Friday morning hundreds of aquatic species including fish were seen dying on the banks of Mawer Nallah, which created a sense of fear among the locals. Upon informing police, it was found that some miscreants have contaminated the water probably for a big catch of fish. However, a team of experts in on the job to find out the reason.

Locals are appealing the people on mosque loudspeakers not to use water for drinking or washing purposes till further orders.