Let people own J&K police and make us accountable: SSP Baramulla

on 27th November, 2016

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Baramulla IMTIYAZ HUSSAIN talks about Policing, Crime, Drugs and Domestic Violence with The Varmul Post‘s correspondent ADNAN DAR

Q. There is an alarming rise in use of drugs. What is police doing in this case?

Police is doing their job very well. In the recent past Baramulla Police booked 17-18 notorious drug peddlers. The supply line has been a bit choked if not completely stopped. Actually we are facing a severe crisis of parental carelessness. I can stop codeine, phosphate and other drugs but not boot polish and fevicol. Other organs of the society need to wake up and take the responsibility to tackle this menace. There is less parental care. We ignore a child at a time when they need more parental care. We lost one generation to violence and other we are losing to drugs. Awakening is needed. Police can’t do beyond a point.

Q. Let us counsel these drug peddlers. Can’t Police conduct awareness programs regarding drug abuse?

We have limited resources. We can’t broaden our scope. We have law and order problems to check and again I will say that we need support of other organs of society also. I think it should be included in the curriculum. We need support of schools, parents, doctors, senior citizens of society, it needs awareness. Our police department is doing the maximum awareness. And I must say this drug peddling is going inside our homes not to talk of schools and other institutions.

Q. Of late Baramulla is witnessing a good change regarding traffic management. What are the priorities now?

Traffic management is also our duty. I hadn’t any plans for Baramulla. I met people, I spoke to them. I got suggestions from them. I believe in action and not in words. Priorities change, police had earlier tried to maintain traffic but those years’ priorities were different. When things around are good, police can do other jobs. But when you have to tackle militancy, stone pelting, drug peddlers, we can’t maintain law and order then, we can’t control crime. Traffic management is small dividend of peace for Baramulla as there are no militancy related incidents and stone pelting now. We are using those resources in other things, we manage traffic, catch thieves and drug peddlers and put a tab on social crimes. We have to change. We are from same society, we are from you. So people have to own JK police and make our actions accountable. I used 70 guys for traffic management. I appointed many local guys for this job. Safety is basic need. It has to be in priority sector. Behavioral change at functional level of officers, providing good atmosphere to subordinates and to publics is also in priority list besides providing a sumo stand to drivers.

Q. Why is the crime rate high? Every other day we are witnessing domestic violence, murders!

Whatever is happening now, it is all due to militancy. Encroachments, drug peddling, crime, murder is the result of this only. Earlier we had such a society that nobody dared to smoke not to talk of using drugs. There were no murders around. When people from the ‘Azaadi’ camp introduced element of violence, establishment eroded, law and order forces couldn’t do anything and now this is striking us back. However police force is doing their maximum to control the crime rates.

Q. Police force is doing a commendable job but corruption in department is a denting its image?

Yes, I admit corruption in police department is happening on a large scale. But I must say that again we all are responsible for this. Irony again is of society. As a common person we all are corrupt so is my subordinate. And I can’t take action unless anybody comes to me. When my subordinate is indulging in corruption, if you don’t come to my office and complaint then how can I take action against the corrupt official?

Q. Domestic violence is on rise! Why so and what is police doing in this regard?

Domestic violence is a menace in our society. We are a sick society where boy and girl aren’t considered equal. Being Muslims we have to take care of women but we take them as slaves. Crime against women is on a rise and we are helpless in that case such things are not being reported. We need to inculcate a sense of right and wrong in our society. I admit that we are lacking lady police stations here. Besides our women are too shy to visit a police station for complaints. There should be some lady police officer with whom they can talk freely. Setting up women police stations should be in priority list. However I must tell you that a good number of women officers joining our ranks now which will definitely help us in reducing domestic violence.