Interactive debate on ‘Freedom of Speech and expression’ held.

Adnan Dar  |  477 Views

The Creative Circle – a youth driven self help group (SHG) conducted an interactive debate on Freedom of Speech and expression wherein many enthusiastic youth participated.


Prominent jurist advocate Neelofar Masood spoke on the occasion & said, “Initiative akin TCC are a must for our society, it frees the public spaces, acts as a safety value for our otherwise chided youth & consequent helps in progression & growth”.


The debate took place at Me n U cafe (adjacent to Degree College Bemina).


The CEO of the cafe Mehvish Zargar also took active part in the debate & emphasised, “we ought to have vibrant pressure groups like the TCC, which would serve to make governance accountable, receptive & transparent”.


Suhail Mehraj–who recently represented JK state in United Nations Youth Parliament was also seen debating, “young generation should be self driven & should look within to bring about change, we shouldn’t look towards state actors all the time for what we wish & aspire”.


Other prominent speakers were–DJ Aki ( Valleys first DJ), Rapper Ashu & Abdul Wahid Sheikh ( head operations–The Tribune).


The Director TCC, Owais Nanda quips non-challantly, “Our spaces to express have shrinked, if a common citizen wishes to express, the next thing he faces is tagging him/her with one fence or the other…& therefore we gave birth to TCC and where anyone & everyone could come & express himself/herself & wouldn’t be subjectively judged”.


Noteworthy to mention that youth from North as well as South Kashmir took part in the debate with much fervour & gaity.