GDC Baramulla students fight the urge to control pee

Imran Farooq  |  153 Views

Only two washrooms for 3500 students.

Despite spending huge amount of money on cleanliness drives, seminars and other programs, college authorities of Government Degree College Baramulla are creating problems for students by not providing them functional and clean washrooms.

The students of Government Degree College Boys Baramulla students are facing a lot of problems when it comes to relieving themselves within the college premises. The reason being the absence of clean and functional washrooms.

The routine class work in the college starts from 9:30 a.m. upto 4:00 p.m during which the students have to study, eat and at times relieve themselves. Although they face many problems during class hours, the lack of hygienic washrooms hinders their study the most.

The college washrooms are so dirty and filthy that most of the students avoid using them. Some students claim not to have used them even once as they found the washrooms dirty, stinky with no dustbins and soap, with occasional water scarcity.

“There are just two washrooms for thousands of students in college, so you can imagine how horrible the condition is”, claimed Faizan Khursheed, a first semester student from the college.

Haris, who has spent his two complete years in this college said that the washrooms stink terribly.

“The toilets are dirty and unflushed, most of the times. The thought of using the washroom here is terrifying. One would prefer peeing on roadsides than in these washrooms. Besides our regular classes, we also learn the art of controlling the urge to pee,” he said with a grin of his face.

Principal GDC Baramulla Mohammad Ashraf Shah says there are only two washrooms for whole college.

“We are having a total roll of 3500 students here and only two washrooms, so it is hard to keep them clean on hourly basis. However, I assure you that in future these washrooms will be kept clean and made functional,” Principal GDC Baramulla assured.

Government Degree College Baramulla is situated on Srinagar-Baramulla National Highway, 4 kilometres away from district headquarters. This college is affiliated with Kashmir university and NAAC awarded this college a grade A++ rating in 2015. Although, it is known for its excellence in Kashmir valley, it lacks this basic facility and is unable to provide clean washrooms to the students.