DAK elections to be held tomorrow: President DAK

Peerzada Waseem  |  126 Views

Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) is going for its final phase of elections tomorrow on 19th October 2017 to elect its central executive body. DAK came into existence in 2002 whose founder president was Dr Khalid Parvez. He along with other senior doctors played a pivotal role in shaping the organization and for highlighting and redressal of grave issues pertained to medical community and health care services. Till now three successful elections have been held and this is the fourth term which will be having democratically elected office bearers. Various doctors who have been elected across various districts of the Kashmir valley along with private practitioners will be casting their votes to constitute the office bearers for central executive meet including the president.

Dr G M Mir, President DAK has been stressing for constitutionally and democratically elected office bearers and this is a very important milestone which we are witnessing at present. He stated that every organization works vibrantly when young faces and experienced stalwarts work in tandem and to work for betterment the change is must. He has appealed all the doctors of phase 1 election to take part in phase 2 elections tomorrow so that a vibrant association is formed for the betterment of Doctors and Patient care.